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BakingPro System

Baking excellence is not only a matter of skill, but also about having the right oven. With the BakingPro System™ we can wave farewell to unevenly baked pastry or dried out meat. All of this is thanks to the precision heat distribution and stable temperature inside the oven, guaranteeing an end to under-baked pastries, or burnt cake bottoms. Even the edges of food closest to the door bake perfectly, thanks to the larger heaters located towards the front.

The oven space is also taller and has more baking levels – so now you can roast or bake several types of meat at the same time. With the improved baking tins and the new fan cover, pre-heating is accelerated – to 150°C in just 3 minutes. The new lighting on the top surface ensures significantly better visibility.

The latest technologies, together in a new shape – for a quality result. Every day, in your kitchen.


Steam System

It is important to eat healthily, while still enjoying a delicious taste. Now you can bake, roast and boil with steam. AMICA ovens feature several possibilities to prepare dishes in this way. You can roast and bake with the addition of steam simply by adding water to the bottom of the oven and using the fan function. This ensures that meat stays juicier, and bread rises better.

You can also make use of another new function, where a specially designed steam generator evenly distributes steam throughout the oven, better saturating the space to improve the results. What's more, the ready steam programmes select the ideal parameters for any particular dish.

Now healthy tastes great too.


Clean System

Who likes cleaning? Thanks to the diverse cleaning systems available in AMICA ovens, you no longer need to. AquaRealEase® super smooth enamel prevents the penetration of food residue, while the replaceable catalytic inserts absorb and decompose all unwelcome molecules. During the pyrolytic process the oven cleans itself, burning away any dirt and fat at 480°C – without any detergents.

Closed from the top, the top door slat prevents dirt from entering, while the top heater can be lowered to give better access to all corners of the oven.

Choose the best solution, and leave cleaning … to the oven.



How can you open the oven door whilst holding a baking tray in both hands? Why not let it open itself? AMICA understands the everyday needs of consumers – so now all you need is to touch the holder, even with your elbow, and the oven door opens automatically!

What an exceptionally convenient and unique solution. AMICA is about real facilities you can use every day in your own kitchen.


SpaceManagement System

Who wants to throw away food and money at the same time? Save money and space in the fridge with the Amica SpaceManagement System. No more losing things in a drawer, instead you can see which products are nearing their expiry date straight away. There are many functions to be found in Amica refrigerators which we can adjusted to suit your everyday needs.

There are coloured drawers help to optimally place products in the freezer, a single movement adjusts shelves or balconies. With the MultiFlex shelf the problem of storing large pots and tall bottles disappears. You can use the wooden board not only for storing but also for serving cheese, cured meats and wine. No more pushing food inside and wasting it.

With the Amica SpaceManagement System you arrange the refrigerato your way!


Fresh System

Waste no opportunity. Choose a refrigerator where nothing goes to waste! No more wasting food and money!

The purpose of a refrigerator is to store food for as long as possible. With such special systems as FreshOn, VitControl Plus and FreshZone, our products last much longer, especially sensitive ones like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Nothing goes to waste — everything is always within our reach.


Wine cooler

VinoOptima System

Our wine deserves the right storage conditions. Both the flavour and the look of the bottle should be perfect for serving, straight from the cooler. They will be with the Amica VinoOptima SystemTM. There are 1-3 zones for independent, precise, electronic temperature control – for storing different kinds of beverage at the same time, in the optimal conditions for each.

The cooler monitors the humidity level – to prevent wine oxidation, spoiling or the detaching of labels. Dimmed panes and LED lighting limit wine contact with harmful UV light and heat. On top of that, an active carbon filter is included for proper ventilation and to prevent any smells from mixing. Drinks are perfectly stored and perfectly served for a perfect taste.

This is your wine – with Amica VinoOptimaSystemTM.

Wine cooler

ComfortUse System

Wine tastes best when it is enjoyed in comfort. That is why Amica ComfortUse SystemTM makes use of the cooler simple and effective. In order for nothing to interrupt those magical moments, silence and peace is ensured by the quiet operation of the appliance.

The touch temperature control panel is convenient, while the vibration-dampening wooden shelves are pure style and elegance – after all, your beverages deserve the best storage conditions. With the slidable door system you can also change the direction of opening whenever you want so as to make it as convenient as possible. Full flavour in perfect comfort.

This is Amica ComfortUse SystemTM.

Washing machine

SteamTouch System

Nobody likes ironing. But now, thanks to our new SteamTouch system, ironing is quick and easy.

Steam used during washing permeates the fibers and loosens them, causing wrinkles to disappear and making the clothes feel soft and delicate to the touch. Clothes are also perfectly clean, fragrant and disinfected.

Amica washing machines – in line with your needs!